A Leap of Faith, Art

Fan Art Feature! – April

Hey everyone! After a few weeks of chaos, I'm finally finding time for myself to do what I want in terms of showcasing my OCs and the world they're from. That also means Naamah and Alornah are building a bit of a fan base too! In today's blog, I'd like to showcase some of the… Continue reading Fan Art Feature! – April

A Leap of Faith, graphic novel

A Brief Background – Alornah

If beauty had a manifestation, it was Alornah. And she made sure that everyone knew.  Having being taken in off the streets by one of hell’s notorious establishment owners, Madame Maxine, the orphaned Alp demon was taught from an early age that beauty and charm gets you everywhere in the depths of hell.  And, oh,… Continue reading A Brief Background – Alornah