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A Leap of Faith

Deep within the circles of hell, Naamah, a lone Shade, fights the sins of her past. Venturing out topside (Human realm) whilst enjoying a rare day off, she stumbles upon Zy, an incubus out enjoying the moonlight sky. The fates of these two quickly become perilously intertwined as they return to the pits of hell. A story of love, redemption, and self-discovery await them…

Hey guys!

Welcome to a new section of my website, where I’ll be showcasing art, ideas and, eventually, pages of my new graphic novel “A Leap of Faith.”

This novel will be based around Naamah, A Shade demon working as an assassin for one of the coven leaders of the 6th circle of hell. After meeting Zy, a half-blooded Incubus, we follow them on their journey through Hell and the challenges they face as they try to break the ties that bind them there.

I will be adding new blog posts at least once a month describing what I’ve been up to and going through any ideas I have whilst giving sneaky snippets into the lore and backstory to some of the characters. I will also be showing my design process and how I put together ideas for the looks and personalities of each main character.

I am so looking forward to working on this with the co creator, Irish (a.k.a. Zy) and showing more to you guys! Keep your eyes peeled for new content soon!

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