3D Resin Art

Hey everyone! As some of my followers know, I’ve recently stepped into resin art and creating 3D mini Koi ponds. I have been absolutely blown away from the response I’ve gotten on all this so I’ve decided to do this as a small side hobby alongside my digital art.

I’ve set up an Etsy shop so that I can offer my creations to people wanting to give them a home. Check out some of my creations below:

Jeff – Ghost Koi

Guys, meet Jeff! Jeff is looking for a new home so I thought I’d help him out with a little ad to boost his chances.

Jeff is a little Ghost Koi fish. He’s quiet and clean and won’t cause any bother with any other household animals you may have. (Though he might throw a bit of a strop if you remove his waterlily. He likes it very much and he spent a lot of his spare time in making sure it grew to his specifications; he’s rather particular like that.) Jeff enjoys long swims in the shallows of the North sea during the summer but has decided that the coming winter months will prove to be a wee bit too cold for his liking any more, hence why he’s looking for a new home!

Jeff’s new seashell accommodation is fragile, however, so he requests that he be kept in a secure place where he won’t be knocked off from a height. He also promises that he’d look after any small trinkets or pieces of jewellery that you’d entrust to him and his little pond.

All we ask is that you cover his plane ticket and supply costs as well as the time I took to create his little safe space.

Please contact me if you’re interested in giving little Jeff a home!

Price: 340dkk / 46 Euro / £41 / $51

Prices do not include shipping. Check out my Etsy Store to give little Jeff a home!

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