Ask Lexi

Ask Lexi: April

Hey everyone! Welcome to this month’s edition of “Ask Lexi.” This is the time where I let y discord followers ask anything they like! So that could be related to art, gaming, my personal life…. pretty much anything! And when it comes to my crazy little art family on there, anything could be asked. So let’s jump right in.

Have you ever heard a story or idea and thought “i really need to draw that!” but never got around to it? if you could pick any of the weird or interesting stories or ideas shared here to do something about which would you want to do most (out of your own personal interest)?

Ooooh, I have so many things that I want to do that are inspired by some of the people in the discord server!! It ranges from creating little comic strips to full pieces. Some of the most recent ones I’ve created thanks to inspiration from the art family are the illustrations of Au Ra couples (A race from one of the Final Fantasy games I adore) and a new little character that’s being put into mini comic strips, The Angry Little Sushi Roll.

This came about after talking with one of my closest friends about how I am as a person and that I’m so bad at taking a day or two off when I need to…. I admit, I’m a workaholic. So the conversation turned into wrapping me in gaffe tape, making sure I couldn’t use my hands and forcing me to take a break. This could have taken a completely different direction, honestly, but from that madness, the Angry Little Sushi Roll was born and will be popping up from time to time haha!

Waffles: in your own opinion, who do you feel is the most bad ass female video game character in video game history? what about movies/comics? and what are your thoughts on the lessons media is teaching our youth in this day and age (good and bad)?

Another great question! The first character that came to mind was Lara Croft. Such a strong and bad ass character whilst being the sassiest British bitch, ever! I was introduced to gaming at a very young age and adored Lara as soon as I saw the game-play for Tomb Raider: Revelations. I just wish we had more characters like her these days! I feel like a lot of the female game characters are getting overly sexualised and are there purely for aesthetic reasons half the time. Though, on the flip side, I know there are plenty of good ones too! We just need more like Lara.

Thankfully the movie industry is trying it’s best to empower women in any way possible… granted, they’re trying a little too hard in places and making cringe-worthy mistakes that produce laughable results. (The recent Ghostbusters… I can’t say more without having the hardcore feminists hunting me down.) But seriously, leave the classics alone, guys! Make strong, empowering female leads, but not that the expense of butchering something that’s already been done!

NightWorker: What do Lalas taste like?

Hmm… I should have known something like this would crop up. Lalafell are often described as potatoes in the FFXIV online community… But I’m pretty sure they would taste like cheesy feet and old leather if you nibble on them. I wouldn’t recommend it. (I actually made myself gag on that one. Hope you’re happy, NightWorker.)

What are you short and long term plans and goal with your artwork?

Oooft… well, short term goals happen daily for me. Like how much work I want to do, what styles I’d like to research and try out or just get up and drink my coffee without the need to murder anyone beforehand.

Long-term goals may be a little more difficult. I’d love to be able to live completely independently off my artwork. Pay my own bills, live my life how i’d really like to. Maybe even travel a little and create artwork wherever I go. It would be awesome to maybe even create artwork for a game company one day (though I’ve technically already done that.) I would just like to be happy and live comfortably with what I do. That would be amazing ❤

Heaven: What inspired you to become an artist?

Hmm, that’s a mixture of 2 things. My Grandfather shoving a paintbrush in my hand as soon as I was able to hold one… and my mum telling me that I’d never be good enough or successful with art. So both good and bad inspirations there. But they pushed me to where I am today and I’m grateful. Especially since my grandparents support my work wholeheartedly. I always have my gran liking whatever I post on Facebook and she often tells me that she saves what I do to show her friends and the rest of the family. (I have the most awesome Grandparents, did I not tell you?)

Irish: With you only really working on art like you have for a little over a year and a half, what have been your biggest artistic inspirations that have caused you to changed your style for the better or that you felt caused you to improve more because of their work?

Wow, we’re on a roll with these great questions!! Yeah, I’ve only been doing this just over 18 months now and I’ve taken inspiration from so many artists! Just looking at work on a daily basis from others made me take regular steps back from my work to have a look at what I could do to improve. I wanted to be as popular as some of the greats and aspire to hopefully help others improve too, just like a lot of other artists are doing these days.

Some of the artists that have inspired my style are: Jake Panian, Ross Tran and Julia Razumova . I adore all their styles for character work. I could keep on listing others but I’d be here all day fan-girling over them all.

Waffles: sorry if i asked this before, but seeing as the discord server features nuts and a nut economy (or nutconomy, as one might say) i was curious what kind of nuts you like? for example i’m rather fond of peanuts, almonds, and macadamia nuts.

I adore that one of my followers has automatically reacted with an emoji with her tongue out, licking her lips. We’re keeping this safe for work, Irish. *Points and scowls like a scalding…. something. Trying not to make this weirder than it already is…*

Well, I did love peanuts… until I recently developed a mild allergy that makes me itch like hell if I eat anything peanut based. Not that it stops me, to be fair. But I also adore Cashews and Pistachios too!

Thank you so much to my discord lovelies for asking some awesome (and, at times, questionable) questions!! I look forward to what you’d like to know in next month’s edition of “Ask Lexi!”

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