Feature Friday: DwagonLily and Leila


Good afternoon guys! And welcome to my first blog post for the newly renovated website!

I’m going to try and keep this short so that we can hop straight onto the good stuff, but I wanted to offer a bit of an explanation of what I’m going to be doing with this little corner of the interwebs.

I would love for this to become a bit more of a collaborative space. Not only for me to share what I love and enjoy with you, but to pull in other artists and share the love on their work too! The art industry is way too competitive in my opinion and, rather than helping and supporting each other in our personal developments, we’re often found pulling each other apart and creating bad vibes for others so that we can shine out above the rest.

I know that you’re probably thinking, “Hang on, Lexi. I don’t think that way at all!” Well, that’s great! Keep on proving that critics wrong and help support your fellow artists! Unfortunately, not everyone think like you and me and would rather see an artist fail for their own gain, just like I’ve seen on a daily basis whilst working in the tattoo industry.

You don’t even need to shell out money to support artists, though that’s a bonus if you can spare a few bits here and there by checking out artists’ Patreons, Ko-fi pages, etc. Or even commission them! You will be met with tremendous amounts of enthusiasm from all artists, I can guarantee, if you do that. But if you don’t have the spare cash for such things, give their work a share or drop an encouraging comment here and there. They will be just as grateful for that sort of support too!

That’s what I’m wanting to do on this monthly section of my website.
So, every first Friday of the month, I’ll be putting together a “Feature Friday” blog post, showcasing a couple of great artists I adore. These can feature from newly starting sprouts, to more experienced adventurers in the art world.

So, let’s shut me up for a little while and get on with the show, hmm?


“My name’s Dwagon and I’m a casual, freelance artist with a dream to start my own graphic design business someday. My hobbies include wasting time on MMORPGs, getting shiny Pokemon, and cooking. I like pandas, the color purple, and listening to music.”

I absolutely adore the style that Dwagon uses. She uses such great palettes to create soft blends and her anime style looks so clean and effortless! If you’d like to see more of her work, check out her Twitter and DeviantArt pages!


” Leila, 23, artist based in Israel who currently enjoys drawing for fun. Working a day job and in the process to get into university to study fashion design. Designing characters and clothes is one of my favorite things at the moment! I like working with bright and fun colors, especially if it’s on the more pastel side!”

I love Leila’s style! Especially he use of bold colours! Such a simplistic style that works to capture so much expression in her characters! Go check her out on Facebook and Instagram!

Thank you so much for reading this month’s Feature Friday! Please don’t forget to give these artists some love by following them, sharing their work and giving them a few words of encouragement. They’re doing amazingly and I’m pretty sure they deserve to hear it daily.


If you’d like to be featured in future Feature Fridays, contact me via email, discord, Facebook or Instagram!

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