Artist, Illustrator, and co-creator of A Leap of Faith

A Little about me, my co-creator, and this website!

Hi there! Welcome to the new and improved! Here I will showcase illustrations, blogs and updates on my work, “A Leap of Faith” Graphic Novel and all related content, and any other exciting ventures I just have to share with you!

But first, let me introduce myself and my partner in crime to those who aren’t already aware of who we are and what we do. Because a lot of the content you’ll see here is very much a shared effort!

I’ll kick things off by writing a little about myself. At the time of writing this introduction, I will have been painting digitally for 3 years! Before then, art has always been a big influence on my life: I specialized in art in high-school, Graduated with specialties in art and graphic design in college, and even became a tattoo artist for many years with a brief period of owning my own studio before emigrating from the UK to Denmark.
I’ve always been drawn to fantasy art and, recently, took a fancy to designing OCs (Original Characters) who always seemed to end up as demonesses. That’s when I rekindled my love for RP (role-play) and so, joined forces with my best friend, Zy (AKA Zy Beherit) where we started putting together this amazing story arc based on two of our demonic characters!

Zy is an amazing guy. My best friend and my partner in crime! His amazing sense of story and world-building is why I decided I wanted to take things further with our little RP:
“Well let’s see here, my name’s Zy, the Irish Incubus but some of you may know me as Irish GraveRobber on many social media and gaming sites. I’ve always been spellbound by demons and writing stories which lead me into many avenues of RP and short story work. It even lead me into photography where I ran my own business for a few years up by Seattle before moving down to the middle of nowhere.
I am no means a professional or even that great but I have a deep passion for these characters and the story they will show you. This whole thing actually started off as a fun little RP between us that grew into this amazing story. While we share the writing experience and the overall story creation, I focus on the world-building and some story arcs while Lexi’s art brings it all to life.”

We are both so excited about this venture and are having an absolute blast as we put it all together and share our creations with you guys! But, rather then me rambling on about it all, I’ll let you all experience it for yourselves!

Thank you!
Zy and Lexi

The website is still a work in progress!! Please subscribe for updates as they get released!