My name is Alexia (Or Lexi to most) and I am a digital artist and illustrator working with sci-fi and fantasy based themes.

I am still learning when it comes to the digital art world, having only really been teaching myself for the last 2 years or so. But I have been in the art world most of my life.

My art path started out when my Grandfather started to encourage me to draw the moment I could hold a pencil. I would be fascinated with his watercolour works and be so excited when he’d return from holidays with my grandmother so I could see the places he had been just from looking through his sketch book. Gorgeous villages, cities and waterfronts… I was mesmerised!

His influence pushed me to seek out creative paths in life, despite trying to take more “normal” career choices encouraged by other family members… not that being a Marine Biologist was anywhere near a normal career dream for a 5 year old… but people learned very quickly that I wasn’t going to be regarded as a typical girl from very early on.

In college I took my first steps in art, studying various different techniques to express myself creatively. Photography, metal work, fine art, graphic design… you name it, I tried it! But I was always amazed by the skill of people creating digital paintings and such.

But I thought I’d never be good enough for that. As did a lot of my family members.

My choices in life took me down the path of becoming a tattoo artist, and that’s the path that I stayed on for around 7 years until I moved to Denmark and found I was no longer suited to the tattoo industry in this part of the world.

Absolutely heartbreaking.

But that catapulted me into saying “stuff it” (though a little less politely) and took a chance at starting a new career as a digital artist. I wanted to learn and develop myself to become like one of the many artists I was inspired by when I was younger.

And here I am today! Still learning, meeting amazing people and creative minds along the way! And if you’re still here at this incredibly long winded introduction, you’re damn awesome… and patient to boot!!

I hope to encourage people to join me in my journey, whether that includes people who have just picked up a pen, or those who have been at it years. Even those who just enjoy the view, I invite you to walk with me as I experiment, learn and produce artwork that not only make me happy but you too!

Hold onto your hats, it’s gonna be a weird and wonderful ride, I’m sure!